First off, I’m really sorry for this heartbreaking photoset.  I made this because I really believe with all my heart that Peeta would sincerely thank Haymitch for making sure that Katniss got out of the arena alive, even if that means he would be captured and tortured by the Capitol.

Divergent (2014) + Faction Symbols.

Divergent + Characters’ last words  insp { x }

    The Dauntless in the cars ahead of us are jumping out as the train passes a rooftop. The tracks are seven stories up.
    The idea of leaping out of a moving train onto a rooftop, knowing there is a gap between the edge of the roof and the edge of the track, makes me want to throw up.

But that wasn´t the first time I ever saw her. I saw her in the hallways at school, and at my mother’s false funeral, and walking the sidewalks in the Abnegation sector. I saw her, but I didn’t see her; no one saw her the way she truly was until she jumped. I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last.


MAR 31 2014 | Arriving At BBC Radio 1 Studios, London

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